Meet Adrienne.

I am a 20 something creative currently living in my hometown of Columbus, Ohio. I am a pop culture connoisseur, a part time yogi and a cat mom to Cleo and Ash. In my free time you can find me at my local coffee shop (latte with oat milk please!), binge listening to Taylor Swift or reading a sappy romance novel.

My passion for creating began early in my life. I was always writing or drawing or painting. I loved finding different mediums to help me tell stories.

I started Adrienne James Creative after I graduated from Clemson University, where I studied Graphic Communications. This was where I finally found my love for digital design and brand creation. My favorite experience is watching a cluster of once messy ideas, become one clear and intentional concept. Taking a client's visions and bringing them to life lights me up like nothing else.

Although I am based in Columbus, my clients are all over the map and I am comfortable working remotely. I can't wait to create something with you!

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